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Search Camera to Cloud sends proxy files from the set right to editorial

With the introduction of the new Camera to Cloud workflow something that editors have long dreamed of will become a reality: getting footage from the set to editorial long before camera cards are downloaded and long before a hard drive is shipped or physically delivered to the edit suite.

You can watch the full presentation below.

Wait, what? Files from the shoot uploaded into the cloud that I can edit with? Camera to Cloud is deceptively simple in concept: use established hardware to make realtime proxy-file encodes of original camera media as it is shot and upload that from the set right into Editors can then pull that media out of as is and begin the edit long before the day has wrapped. Editors can begin the edit even before the camera cards where the original clips reside have been offloaded from the camera cards themselves! That is quite amazing and will fit right into the fast turn-around world many are working in today.

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