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political video production

Crafting Compelling Narratives in Political Campaign

Where Creative Innovation Meets Results-Driven Strategy

We specialize in transforming political visions into compelling narratives that captivate and engage

As a bipartisan company, our portfolio reflects a commitment to excellence in video production, contributing to over 200 victories across federal, state, and local races in 46 states. In Florida, our non-partisan approach has successfully supported the campaigns of Senate Presidents, House Speakers, Members of Congress, numerous legislators, and several Florida Cabinet officials. Our focus remains steadfast on creating high-quality, impactful TV spots, tailored to each campaign's narrative and objectives, demonstrating our capacity to serve a diverse political spectrum with unparalleled professionalism.

pollie awards
pollie awards

Stone’s Hill Productions is an acclaimed creative powerhouse and film production company with a specialized focus on elevating political campaigns through dynamic video storytelling.

With over 17 years of experience in the political arena, we bring a wealth of knowledge and an award-winning touch to every project. Our expertise spans from concept development and strategy to directing, cinematography, and comprehensive post-production services. We pride ourselves on crafting highly impactful, strategy-driven political campaigns that resonate deeply with audiences, ensuring our clients’ messages are not just heard but felt. At Stone’s Hill Productions, we don't just produce videos; we create compelling narratives that drive action, engage voters, and leave a lasting impression.

Arri Camera

Our Impact

Our commitment transcends partisanship; our focus is on truly grasping and championing the distinct vision of each client. From the outset, we've dedicated ourselves to political and public affairs campaigns, always with a commitment to excellence from concept through to delivery.

Our decades of industry experience have taught us that true impact is achieved through emotional connections, a comprehensive view of the campaign landscape, and prompt, decisive action. This philosophy underpins our approach, ensuring we offer nothing less than our very best, service tailored to each client's unique needs and objectives.

Juan Pablo Manterola
Award Winning Director | Commercial Producer | Storyteller | Long & Short Format Content Creator | Director of Photography

"Over seventeen years of creating political messages have taught me the importance of speed, precision, relatability, and clarity. Our approach blends creativity with the ability to adapt, fine-tuning each message for optimal resonance across diverse channels."

In a world rapidly dominated by the digital industry, we constantly evolve and innovate to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow

Our Services

Technical Excellence in Production:


Production: Our arsenal includes high-definition cameras, advanced lighting rigs, and professional sound gear to capture content with precision.

Editing: Top-of-the-line editing suites for flawless post-production, from intricate editing, motion graphics, sound design to dynamic color grading.

Coloring: Our coloring suites are equipped with the latest tools for color correction and grading, ensuring your media pops with vibrant, lifelike colors.


Content Creation: Whether it's engaging short clips for social media or comprehensive long-format documentaries, our technical capabilities allow us to produce content that captures and retains viewer attention.


Let’s Work Together

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, we would love to connect to see how we can work together.

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