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At Stone’s Hill, our love of filmmaking is combined with the never ending search for new ways to reduce our environmental impact. With the spirit of sustainability in mind, we have installed over 70 solar panels to ensure that our daily operations are fully powered by the sun. Through the inspiration of wanting to reduce our environmental impact, we are aiming to plant and nurture a variety of plants at Stone's Hill. To begin, we are planting Olive trees, apricots, and have homegrown vegetables. Furthermore, our team will provide a wonderful home for honey bees. There has been a problem in the world dealing with a decrease in bees. At Stone's Hill, we will help by having a variety of plants and researching on how to properly nurture and restore these beautiful bees that do so much for us in this world. 

Need a Film Location ?  

Our ranch is also available as an exterior filming location via daily rental. The property features a wide selection of greens, shrubbery, foliage, and vast natural backdrops from almost every angle. Rental includes access to the Stone’s Hill studio amenities including our coffee bar, bathroom, and mastering suite for daily screenings and more. Please contact us if you would like to inquire!    

Stone's Hill Ranch 

3810 Buck Tail Ln 

Lithia, FL 33547

United States 

For a Scouting Contact :

JP Manterola

Phone Number : (813) 992 - 7479

Email :

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Our team plans to plant and nurture olive trees at Stone's Hill. The main goal would be to gather and produce our own personal homemade olive oil. This is just the beginning of what our team is fully capable of achieving.


What better way of trying to impact the environment than helping the growth of Bees in our world. We plan on helping increase the population of bees and eventually letting them have a place called home. When we effectively increase an amount of bees, we would love to collect our own organic and unfiltered sweet honey.



Sustainability is very important at Stone's Hill. Our plan goes further into additionally growing vegetables and being able to nurture and sustain a variety of plants and vegetables. 


Finally, we also plan on growing and developing delicious apricots. This would help complete the mixture of fruits and vegetables and continue to push our goal of sustainability and impacting the environment in a positive way.

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